Monday Updates : November issue! Born in the 90’s and fall colors!

Hey outcasters,

Hey everyone how’s life? What a weird way to start off a Teen Culture Monday update for the week. Anyhow I wanted to let you all know that tc is growing a huge rate this year, honestly this is amazing. Talk about having views from around the world! We receive views on tc from places around the world that we couldn’t believe our eyes. Recently our teen culture team has been growing at a large rate.

We have an amazing November issue coming for next month. Woot for being born in the 90’s. We honestly hope you all enjoy next months issue. Feel free to email us about what you all would like to see in coming issues.

Lately I have been seeing amazing fall colors. With the new lip color trend for fall spreading around, we are all ready for this season. Don’t forget to take as many fall photography, like I have been ever since I saw the trees turning colors. Make sure to take advantage of the nature activities that are available right now this season. Recently I went zip lining with class mates and it was an amazing experience.


That’s all I have for this week , stay tuned for more post/articles this week.



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