The Story of a Freak Show Founder

Vivienne Westwood is a fashion designer that’s known for constantly being ahead of the curve involving fashion trends. She’s become such a fashion icon because she’s never been afraid of pushing limits. She met art student Malcolm Mclaren and they took weird ideas and turned it into something special. They kept designing and creating looks that no one else was thinking of at the time. The pair opened up a shop called SEX that became the center of where punks shopped and hungout before the term punk was even around. Shortly after, Malcolm Mclaren became the manager for the popular London punk band The Sex Pistols. They were a loud band that was known for causing chaos and was equally or possibly more so known for it’s fashion and politics than the music itself. Westwood was behind the wardrobe that the band made popular in both the UK and also in America. Punk became a subculture that celebrated freaks that disagreed with going with the flow of things. The Sex Pistols were working-class and antagonist teens that gave voice to a disenfranchised generation. Westwood designed the classic Anarchy in the U.K. T-Shirts that remain popular even today.


It’s funny how the clothing created with logos and album covers for certain bands continue to live on long after the band’s are over. Vivienne Westwood didn’t continue making punk clothing for the rest of her ongoing fashion designing career. After she finished with punk clothes, she moved on to designing a pirates costume. Regardless of the clothing she was designing, Westwood has maintained the refreshing edge that she made acceptable throughout the process of every collection and trends that she’s created. She’s an incredibly innovative designer who’s always thinking ahead and generating these incredible ideas. I think the reason Vivienne Westwood should be admired is because she’s stood up for what she’s believed in. She stood her ground once she discovered that she was different from the others her age. Embracing our difference is what all us outcasts and freaks of the world dream of achieving and I personally look to Westwood as living proof of this!

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