Black “Goth” Makeup

So this Halloween I decided I wanted to play around with a makeup idea that I haven’t even thought about in a while. Now whether you want to call it goth, scene, emo, alternative, or just weird is fine with me I just thought I would share this with you guys in case any of you were interested on learning this style.

What you will need:

-angle brush

-eye shadow brush

-black eye shadow

-black eyeliner (if you choose)

-blending brush

photo 2

The first step is simple, just fill in your lid with black eye shadow. *CAUTION* black eye shadow is extremely hard to deal with because it will show small mistakes and make them look like big ones.

Second, you want too take your blending brush and blend the black eye shadow into the crease

Third, take the angle brush and with the black eye shadow make a wing like you would do if you were doing it with eyeliner but bigger

Finally, you can now liner your lid and water line with the eyeliner if you choose to do so, And you can line the rest of your eye with the black eye shadow (that’s what I did) to do do just find a brush on the smaller side and go underneath your lower lids lashes and connect it to the eye shadow you put on the upper lid.

I hope you guys liked this tutorial!

Love you!,

Brittanyphoto 1


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