Pick the Right Color for Your Eyes!

Now, don’t be mislead by the title. ANYONE and where ANY color makeup they want to and these tips do not limit you. Be creative with your makeup. These are just tips not guidelines. They will help you decide what colors work best, every eye color is different and they all have different contrast colors to make them pop!

Green Eyes


For green eyes I have six beautiful colors of eye shadow and eyeliner to  accentuate your eye color.

1. Taupe eye shadow- this grayish brown is that neutral color that everyone needs. The warm undertones do wonders for green eyes

2. Creamy charcoal or slate grey eyeliner- The darkness but yet the hint of cream you get in this color are just beautiful and the blue hues really top it off.

3. EVERY PURPLE EVER- purple is an AMAZING color for green eyes! It will really make your eyes pop.

4. Brown eyeliner- Brown eyeliner is less harsh than black and gives a softness to eyes and will look great against the green.

5. Silver smoke eye shadow- This is a mix between smokey and bright. it adds a little extra to the mystical look of green eyes.

6. Metallic Sage eye shadow- Since sage is in the same color family as green we can change the texture to make it look different on your eyes than just having green on green.

Blue Eyes


For blue eyes I have seven color tricks to flatter your beautiful eyes.

1. Terra cotta or rust color eye shadow- The reds and yellows of this eye shadow really clash with the blue and will make your eyes stand out.

2. Purple eye shadow- Blue eyes sometimes get lost in blue or green eye shadows but adding a shimmery or royal purple plays with the different blues in your eyes.

3. Orange shadow or liner- Sound weird? This color is not for the faint of heart because this will send your blue eyes ablaze! Burnt orange is a good way to go with the liner.

4. Neutral smokey eyes- The black or dark smokey eyes sometimes overpower the blue eyes but adding browns, golds, and light pinks will add to the strength of the color blue.

5. Bronze shadow and liner- If you are looking for a metallic look, bronze will help balance the cool tones in your eyes.

6. Beige Highlighter- Using highlighter to make your eyes appear bigger is a well known trick but for people with blue eyes they should skip the white and turn to the Beige.

7. Navy Mascara and/or Turquoise liner- You can never stay away from the color family of your eyes so just use it in a different way. Though you should try to stay away from blue shadow you can always use different blues in different places to add to you look.

Brown Eyes


For brown eyes I have six suggestions to play up the underlying colors of your eyes.

1. Cobalt Blue eye shadow- This electric shade is the perfect thing to get your eyes to pop

2. Eggplant Mascara- Because there are a lot of under tones to brown eyes it makes it easier to create contrast. This eggplant purple is sure to bring out the light or some hazel flecks in your eyes

3. Greenish Gold eye shadow- This shade meets in the middle between loud and neutral makeup. It will accentuate any flecks in brown eyes

4.Copper eye shadow- Use this on the crease and outer rim of your eye to warm up a neutral eye shadow look.

5. Navy eyeliner- This animates the eyes with out it looking too harsh (as black might do sometimes). This slight but eye catching contrast is just perfect.

6. Gold eye shadow- Warm metallics make brown eyes glisten and highlight any and all gold undertones in your eyes.

Hazel Eyes


For hazel eyes I have six colors to make your unique eyes look amazing

1. Autumnal Color shadow- rich browns, golds and greens like Bone cream, Forest green, Rich chocolate brown and dusky gold. Different combinations will bring out different colors lying in your eyes.

2. Earthy brown liner- The warm neutral browns has a soft but luminous effect on hazel eyes.

3.Warm green shadow and liner- Army green is a perfect example of how to reallt bring out the green tones in your eyes.

4. Gilded shadow- Golds and bronze will bring forward any gold flecks in your eyes and make the green and brown just radiate with rich color.

5. Eggplant shadow and liner- Go to the opposite side of the color wheel to make the colors of your eyes really stand out.

6. Metallic black mascara- With the light -reflecting gold in this mascara, it will amp up even a bare eye.

I hope you all enjoyed these tips. And remember you can wear anything you want! They are your eyes after all:)

Love you!,



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