90’s Fashion Icons- TV Show Edition

The 90’s was a perfect decade filled with floral print, denim, overalls, and bright colors all around. Many of the trends made popular have now made a comeback recently. If you weren’t around in the 90’s, it’s still important that you know where all these current trends originated. It can be a little weird to look back and see some of their fashion choices, especially when it comes down to how little they matched. These girls are all TV show characters that had their own style that mirrored how everyone else their age was dressing. You can still take some tips from their choices and as for some of them, you can learn not to make the same decisions ever again.

Kelly Kapowski- Saved By The Bell


Kelly was the luckiest girl from 90’s television. She wasn’t just the prettiest head cheerleader at her school, she also ended up marrying the most popular boy in school Zach Morris. Kelly wore a lot of bright floral and her signature Bayside sweatshirt. She also wore bandeau tops quite frequently, which is a trend that has recently made a comeback. This girl is definitely a character from the 90’s that we can take a lesson or to from her sense of style.

Clarissa Darling- Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa wore A LOT of funky colors every episode. She had her own thing going on and I think that’s a cool representation of the decade’s fashion as a whole. I don’t think we should wear exactly what she did back then now, but we can still take some notes in terms of her self-expression. She’s a really cool character that I definitely wanted to be like when I was a little girl.

Blossom- Blossom

Blossom is kind of like a teenage Punky Brewster. She makes bold fashion moves just like most 90’s kids did. Her cute hats are her trademark and set her apart from all the other teenage girls that had TV shows at the same time. Blossom was super cool and not exactly trendy or popular, but she had her stuff together and that was something all little girls growing up in the 90’s could admire her for.

Amanda- The Amanda Show
download (41)
Who didn’t want to be Amanda? She was funny, always trying new things with her hair, and she was just really awesome. I watched The Amanda Show faithfully and wanted to be just like Amanda. When I say Amanda, I mean the Amanda that we meet in the introduction of every show and the end of every show, not the one where she dresses up as other characters. But the fact that she had her own show and played other characters on it was just the coolest thing that any teenager could do.

Alex Mack- The Secret World Of Alex Mack
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Alex Mack is more for the tomboys but let’s be honest, her style is relevant to girls who aren’t tomboys as well. She has her signature backwards baseball cap which was such a 90’s move. She also typically rocked overalls which pretty much every 90’s kid did at some point. Alex Mack is another classic example of a girl who wore what she wanted and still managed to look cute. The overalls that are popular currently are a lot more girly and not as just your average pair of overalls. You’ve got to love the classic look though.

Lindsay Weir- Freaks And Geeks
Lindsay’s style is the more grunge side of the 90’s. She doesn’t really wear bright colors, dresses, overalls, or mismatched socks. She wear band shirts, solid colors, stripes, and her signature army style jacket. Lindsay is the angsty misunderstood teen who gets involved with the Freaks in her high school, fed up with being the smart good girl all through school. She rebels and therefore shows this through her style. Army jackets are still so in and watching back this show now inspired me to buy one just like hers.

Topanga Lawrence- Boy Meets World
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Topanga wore denim, crop tops, bright colors, flower dresses, and much more on Boy Meets World. She wasn’t meant to be a fashionista on the show. Rather, she was meant to be an honest portrayal of a young girl going through adolescence. One of the best things about this show was how honest they were. Topanga was the smart girl so naturally she wouldn’t always care about the clothes that she wore. But somehow Topanga still managed every single look like she had to turn out smoothly. The best thing about the character is definitely her long and shiny hair which inspired me to keep mine long as well!


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