Confessions of a Cher Horowitz Wannabe

I was born in the late 90’s, 1996 to be exact. A major part of me desperately longs to have been a teenager instead of a toddler during one of the best decades. The fashion was obviously quite different back then. But I’m positive our kids will be saying the same thing about the year 2014 when they become our age.

To me, Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless represents the 90’s in a nutshell. Yes, she definitely represents the rich popular end of teens and not so much every average teen out there. But as a young girl, Cher was such a wise yet sometimes naive but always filled with good intentions teen girl that you had to love.

Was she spoiled? You bet. Not everyone out there gets the luxuries and the pretty clothes and extremely ahead of the time closet. More than that though, Cher has 56 costume changes. Any girl that admires fashion is going to admire the fashionable clothing this movie shows. Realistic or not, Cher is by far the most best dressed teenage female character that film has ever seen.

So whether you lived through the 90’s or not, you can still look up to this fictional character. She’s funny, cute, charming, classy, innocent, and fashionable. Yes, she’s also spoiled and gets anything she wants. But I think this movie gets it right that sometimes things can go wrong even for the prettiest, richest, and most popular girl in school.


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