90’s Fashion Icons- Movie Edition

Last week I touched on Cher from Clueless and how she’s a personal fashion icon of mine and how her style relates to the 90’s as a whole as well. Here are some other fashion icons from movies that were released that decade and how they are relevant today as well.

Bianca Stratford- 10 Things I Hate About You
download (50)
download (51)
While Kat has the most admirable feminist attitude of the Stratford sisters, popular Bianca has the style. Her prom dress is certainly different but very fitting for the decade. She also wears cute and colorful outfits that is similar to my personal style.

Kathryn Merteuill- Cruel Intentions
images (21)
While Kathryn is very far from a role model in her actions and terrible personality, you got to admit that the girl has style. Her blazers are classy and stylish and she’s always dressed up just enough. Her style is chic and definitely to be admired and emulated.

Corey Mason- Empire Records
download (53)
Corey’s style is 90’s grunge inspired- kilt, fluffy jumper, and Doc Martens. Her style is simple but very angsty. It’s fun to wear this type of outfit because it doesn’t apply to strictly this decade, you could easily be accepted into this generation by wearing this type of outfit today.

Laney Boggs- She’s All That
download (54)
download (55)
The gorgeous Rachael Leigh Cook plays “geek” Laney who undergoes a transformation. Laney’s geek style consists of actually really cool glasses and overalls that were arguably fairly popular fashion in the 90’s. Popular and hot Laney loses the glasses and overalls and let’s her hair down and wears a beautiful strappy red dress. Laney has some awesome style that we can learn from and emulate.

The Cast of The Craft
download (56)
The style in this 90’s cult movie is very fun for those who love to experiment with your style. This movie is what essentially made goth clothing more popular and accepted. Above all, it made dressing goth look like the cool thing to do. So don’t be afraid to go a little bit edgier with what you wear and wear quite a bit of black if that’s what your into. Goth has more of a negative connotation now but it’s nothing to be ashamed about if that’s what you like to wear!


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