Goodbye November, Hello December! -Teen Culture Updates,Christmas,Clothes,Sales!

Hey Out-casters,

Hey everyone November is over and December has came around the corner. Which for many means winter, snow,rain and coldness. Since this means being cold everywhere you go, why not treat yourself to some amazing outfit ideas? This week we will have stylish Wednesdays with Alex with an amazing article all about last months favorites. Since we are starting to have you all more engaged send in your favorites to add to our list. Christmas, Christmas! I’m extremely happy about this holiday. Giving presents to others,family and friends, its all just amazing. We are looking for more writers for the magazine, so if your creative and awesome then take a quick visit to our new added application form page. Fill out all desired information and we will get back with you in at max 2 weeks. Love you all as always,and have a wonderful day.

Teen Culture Magazine,

(Random Winter gifs to fall in love with!!)


(Disclaimer: All photos are not and do not belong to Teen Culture Magazine)


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