LifeStyle: How to Succeed at Being Yourself!

Hey Outcasters

Tuesday lifestyle posts are just what you need to here for this new week. I feel like this would be most beneficial to you all because 2015 is right around the corner and we all know what that means. Most of us will be creating our new years resolutions. Each Tuesday I would like to dedicate to giving you tips and my views on How to Succeed at Being Yourself. I hope you all enjoy this tip from me to you. As always Love ya Out-casters.

Tip 1: Never Compare yourself to others!

Never ever compare yourself to others ,this is a major no no to the highest extremes. We all have been victims of this terrible crime(haha). When it comes to our society today its easy for us to look on TV, Instagram, Twitter and basically all social platforms and try to compare ourselves to every girl or guy we see that appears to our eyes. Its almost like our minds are subjected to comparing ourselves instantly without truly thinking about what we are doing. See,.. what happens when we compare ourselves with others, it hurts our own self-esteem. We must understand that we all were created differently in our own unique way. Something we have to grasp in our minds is that , that’s the way it has to be no matter what. It sounds so sad saying it that way but its true. (The ugly truth for realzz) Someone one once said specifically Joyce Meyer is that “We cant truly be ourselves if we are to busy being someone else”. What he says is completely true theirs no way in this world we as an individual are able to understand,know and learn about who we are when we are to busy memorizing so-and-so’s complete life, how he or she acts and how they dress!! (I Still love you) With all jokes aside, Stop comparing yourself to others, now I’m not saying its going to be easy in any way shape or form because its going to be very difficult. Its how our generation has always deemed to be morally correct(almost) Plus I’m not a professional at this so this is just my thoughts, ideas and concerns.

I hope you enjoyed this tip for Tuesday!! (OMG that was the best not thought out line evea ) Love you byee!

Yours Truly,


(Disclaimer: Teen Culture does not own rights to any photos used in this article)


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