MakeupByMandy24 – Amanda Steele new hair color!! ♥

Hey outcasters!!

We had to make a post about MakeupByMandy24 or should we say Amanda Steele. She’s a young youtuber with over 1 million subbies on her channel. She has always been known for her dark brown hair color and recently that changed. On her Instagram account she recently added a picture with her light blonde or silver. Which has many people wondering was this a good pick!


Overall here at Teen Culture magazine we approve of this change. Its the new year why not ✌ we believe that the hair color looks amazing on Mandy , it gives her another look for 2015 spicy!! Few days later she post on your Instagram saying
“I feel like a space girl!”

We totally agree, and theirs nothing wrong with that. *snaps*   Anyway Mandy we love your new hair color it looks amazing , girl rock it!! Shake off the haters if their is any. Love ya!!



Watch her newest video here:


We want to know your thoughts, comment down below and tell us what you think!

XOX Alex


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