Teen Cults Top Five Post from 2014!

Hey Outcasts,

Happy New year loves!! Today’s post will be a tribute to Teen Cultures Top Five post from 2014. We could not have reached over 97 countries reached through our viewers without all of your loving support. Thanks so much for everything. Lets jump right into 2014 top five post.


2014 Top Five Post

During 2014 Teen Culture had the most views in these top five listed post. If you would like to read these post feel free to click the link.

1.  Andrea Russett Inspired Eye Makeup Look

Read Here This lovely post was written and created by our Beauty director Brittany.  This Andrea Russet Inspired Eye makeup look ended up being teen cultures most top viewed post on our site. Many people wanted to recreate youtube star Andrea’s makeup look. If our readers would like to see more post about Andrea then make sure to leave us a comment in the comment section below, or even contact us on any of our social media networks.

2. How to become a Beauty guru on Youtube! -10 Tips and steps

Read Here Next up we have a wonderful article written by one of our founders Alex. This article is all about how to become a beauty guru on YouTube.  As many of us many know it can be a little tricky trying to startup a YouTube channel. Don’t worry we have you covered just visit the link above and that should help you get started.

3. Chloe Gibert-Fashion Profile Interview

Read Here Fashion Profile Interview with Chloe Gilbert was a major success reaching over 200 viewers in one day! Everyone seemed to love and enjoy Chloe and her style looks. In 2015 here at Teen Culture we would love to have another collaboration with Chloe, maybe a lookbook of her favorite on trend styles this year? You never know so stay tuned for more.

4. Y.R.U Flatform review

Read Here Next we have another post from one of Teen Cultures founders N’sara Regin. We love her style and she loves to share what new items she is adding to her wardrobe. As her style grows our readers will get to know first hand reviews on what she thinks of these products. We gained many comments from this review making it out top commented post. If you love reviews we will make sure to give you more of that.

5. Style Crush: Jenn Im -AKA- clothesEncounters

Read Here Last from this year founder Alex created and started style crush a series on TC. Our first crush was Jenn Im or ClothesEncounters on her YouTube channel. We adore her style to shreds, so we had to add her to our site in some form. Who would you like to be our next style crush for 2015? If you have any ideas then leave a comment down below and we will make sure to check them out as soon as possible.

3 song tu tumblr_m3d310Gsqu1r7ifqv

Well their you have it all top five of Teen Cultures most viewed/popular post. Make sure to subscribe by email to become an official member of Teen Culture for the year 2015. We are super excited to give you more content this year!! As always we love you.

xox Teen Culture Team



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