The Ugly Truth- Parents

Parents.  You gotta love em’.  But you gotta hate em’.  I truly believe that one of the most complex relationships you’ll ever have in your life is with your parents (if not parent then guardian).  Nowadays, parents come in many shapes and forms.  You have the classic mom and dad, might have gay parents, might have a single parent, might have step mom/dad, might be raised by foster parents, or you might be raised by another family member but we can all recall this thing called parenting.  I know for me parents can bring a wide range of emotions.  Rather I’m happy to call them my parents on mothers/fathers day.  Or maybe hating them for not letting me go out on the weekend.  Or scared because I know I got a grade lower than what I should have in Geometry.  Parents are a difficult subject to talk about because everyone’s situation is different and I’m still trying to figure it out myself.  But I’ll draw from my own personal experience and share my advice with you all.  So I asked three boys and three girls for questions they had about parents and this is what I got!

Female, 16.

1). Why are parents so afraid to let their children grow up?

I mean, why are we afraid of change and to let anything go? Let’s just admit it, change is a scary concept to grasp for a lot of us.  Just imagine the heart break you experience when you break up with a boyfriend or lose a friend.  Now imagine ten times that pain, then double that, and square that number and that is how much pain your parent feels when they feel as if you’re growing up.  For some reason, parents think that growing up means growing apart from their child which is usually not the case.  Let’s not forget that our parents were young once upon a time and they know what it’s like to grow apart from their own parents.  I personally believe that our parents are afraid that we’ll do the same things that they did.  It’s as if they’re afraid of themselves and their own mistakes.

Male, 16.

2). Why do parents make us do things that they could do themselves?

Isn’t this the million dollar question?  “Hand me the remote.”  “Fix me some ice water.”  “Go warm the car up.”  “Fill the tank.”  Don’t you hate this.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when my mother asks me to hand her the remote when it’s directly across from her.  Most of the times, I believe, it’s just pure laziness.  And let’s be real with each other, once we have little ones, they’ll be running around getting us water too.

Female, 17.

3). Why do parents blame all teenage problems on social media?

I ask myself this question a lot.  My mom is quite accustomed to blaming all my mistakes and screw ups on social media.  I think that parents blame social media for our problems because they aren’t the most educated on what truly happens on social media.  Some of our parents have a Facebook and hear stories of social media, but that’s usually as far as their knowledge goes on the subject.  They don’t understand the dynamics of Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and etc so their opinions on the matter are not knowledgeable.  Plus, social media seems to get a bad rep with adults, especially with the news and things shining a negative light on social media.

Male, 14.

4). Why do parents have a problem with boys sagging?

Parents don’t have a problem with boys sagging in general, they could honestly care less.  But more of sagging in their presence.  To them sagging is a sign of disrespect and having no manners and, in a way, they have a right to believe that.  Let’s just say that parents aren’t the only ones that have a problem with sagging.  I actually find it unattractive and quite annoying.

Female, 18.

5). What’s the best way to get along with your parents?

Yet another thing that I’m working on with my own parents.  It’s hard because you’re constantly changing as you get older and your parents are stuck in their parenting style.  And, though it’s hard for them, they have to change their parenting style as we get older because we change as people. We grow more opinionated, more sassy, and overall more independent. Our parents refuse to adjust to our new found independence and that’s what causes conflict.  To answer your question, you either have two options in my opinion.  Option one is to stop and just listen.  Cooperate.  I know, it’s tricky to keep your opinions to yourself but sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture.  Is arguing worth it?  Is fighting worth it?  If not, save the fight for another day.  The other option is to speak up but remain respectful.  I know this can be hard too but, in everyone’s best interest, just be respectful.  That way they have no reason to punish you or get mad and your voice is heard.

Chill Freaky FridayMiley Cyrus Okay Mom

Male, 15.

6).Why don’t my mom want me to date?

This goes back to the whole growing up thing.  Your parents have a tight grip on your heart for the majority of your youth and then some girl comes and takes it away.  It has to be nerve wrecking and emotional for your parent.  Lots of things change when you start dating and it’s completely dependent on your parent if they’re ready to tackle that obstacle yet.


Last piece of friendly advice is to remember that your parents are both your family and your friend.  They’re the only people in this world that truly have your best interest at heart.  Cherish them and be grateful for them.  Because not everyone has parents.

Love & All,


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