Beards Make You Hotter! Turn Ons vs. Turn offs


Hey beautiful people! I was inspired by this picture below about facial hair to do this post. I truly agree that beards are pretty attractive, and mustaches can tend to be creepy! What do you all think?


Facial hair, to me, is a MAJOR turn on – ? (LOL) most of the time it just makes a guy super-‘effortlessly’ attractive and it’s like he’s not even trying.



Along with that I think a well dressed guy is definitely at the top of my turn ons! Imagine the typical high school guy’s attire (SIKE) article-2416968-1BBC88D0000005DC-231_634x652


Now just imagine a well dressed guy! (So much more attractive)!!




Finally, post a pic below of your bae with some facial hair!!!


love you,



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