April 2015 Lets get Creative!!


Hey welcome back to Teen Culture magazine. You might find that their have been many changes of the website and in general to Teen Culture. Off course sometimes change can be good, in our case it is wonderful. This month of April lets welcome you to a new way of spring. Flowers, Nature, natural beauty, and so much more. We have music selections that you will absolute need to hear about. We are even thinking about creating a Music shed session just for you all to enjoy some up and coming artist from all over the world.


Lets Be creative this spring.

Ever wanted to know how to create some cool room decor, for our Youtubers out their we have you covered with an exclusive video just for you on creating better content for your videos. Theirs nothing wrong with wanting to become better at your talents or hobbies. Ever wanted to know how to create your own lipstick? Well stay tuned from this month. Alex will show you just how easy it really is.



As you all may know by know Teen culture loves Music and we love sharing our music with you. This month we will be sharing loads of our favorite music playlist, throughout the month of April. We are giving you a chance to send in your favorite songs that you want us to listen to, if we like it then we will post it and give you a shutout.


We cant forget about out beauty lovers.

Recently Founders of Teen Culture went searching for new fashion/beauty trends for this spring. They found out that this spring/summer the makeup trend is all about being natural. So put your foundation away and bring out your new moisturizer. Brittany will give you two makeup looks this month that will get you ready for any spring party.



Were keeping you pretty as spring this month with the help from our new Teen Culture members.

This month we will be giving you all more D.I.Y’s to do for your clothing and hair it will make you want to pinterest everything your own, and I mean everything ūüôā



You should be excited for this month we have more visual content for our visual learners out their, some with voice overs for our auditory learners as well.  As all ways we love you and have a wonderful day.



Teen Culture Team


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