Tips and Tricks for Minimalistic Style

Hey Outcasts Recently I have been obsessed with the idea of Minimalism. Have any of you heard of this style of Art? If so let us know in the comment section, If not today we will be discovering some tips to style this new way of art.

Just like they say a little goes a long way or simple and pure or keeping it simple. All of these is a way of style, This style trend “Minimalism” is keeping what you wear or any artwork to a minimal of items. Like the picture below shows. minimalism2   What I seem to be noticing lately is a huge population of minimalist style of dressing popping up all over the internet. From Bloggers to youtubers like Makeupbymandy and others. If you are looking forward to acheiving this style look then stay tuned for a BREAKDOWN.

tumblr_m9i66q5WHz1qze65vo1_1280 lanvinM

d1e24c91a48fa979733deb5079a267db  13f3b2a7e5eb94e2eae6301fce294a3b   fashinillus021Women-s-High-Fashion-Beautiful-V-Neckline-Sleeveless-Cotton-Dress-2013-New-Autumn-Winter-Day-And

So if you would like to try this style out then let us know. Just by taking a picture and sharing it with Teen Culture Magazine on our social media accounts we would be so happy to see it. As always we love you all so much. XOXO, Alex


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