*Updated Everyday Look!*

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! But the good news is, is that I have a brand new makeup look that is perfect for everyday activities and easy to do!

What you will need:

-Eyeshadow- Base, light and dark earth tones like: taupe or dust and also a shimmery one that is close to your skin tone

-Liquid eyeliner

-Black mascara

-Eye shadow and angle brushes

Step one: The Eye shadow: Apply the base color all over your eye. Then, take a light earth tone of your choice and apply it to your lid. I chose a very light green earth tone. After that is all over your eye lid, take a dark eyeshadow and apply it to your crease with and angle brush. When you get close to your bottom lid take the angle brush and line it up with your water line and extend the line of it (this will make the point of the eye shadow) then connect it to the line to the line you were making in you crease then blend.

FullSizeRender (1)

*OPTIONAL* take your angle brush and put a little bit of matte black eye shadow on your bottom lashline to make your bottom lashes look fuller. You can also line your water line with black liner.

Step two: The Eye Liner: Take your liner and simply line your top lid, as thick, or as thin as you want. then do the same thing you did with your eye shadow to make the wing of the liner. Start where the bottom and the top lid meet and extend the line out matching the natural curve of you water line. Then connect the line back to the line you made on tour top lash line.

Step Three:Finishing Touch: Apply black mascara of your choice.


Love you!,



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