Lost In Summer July 2015 Issue

Hey Outcast!


Did you think we were gone for good? If so I hope your happy to know we are back in business! For the past 2-3 months we have been planning for the relaunch of Teen Culture Magazine. Here we are back for some awesome upgrades for you all. Over the next few articles/post you will be seeing more and more changes to the layout of teen culture.  If you have any request, since your voice does matter, head over to the contact page to email us your ideas.


Get Lost in Summer July 2015 happy-bunting-watercolour

Yesterday was the launch of our July issue for 2015. We are super excited to release, since we have made many changes to what is possible in the issue. TC has always wanted out readers to be interactive with everything within our issues. Due to advance knowledge we were able to do so in our newest issue. We hope you enjoy Getting Lost in Summer.


Position openings sticker,375x360.u1

Right now we are open for new writers and youtubers for Teen Culture Magazine. Since the new advancements we wanted to slowly move to more visual content for you all. So if you are interested in joining the team then feel free to send us an email at : Teenculture@yahoo.com


Teen Culture Mag



Haven’t read the newest issue? Here it is! arrow-black




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