5 Tips to Staying True to who you are!


With the never ending wave of fakeness, unsupportive friends and a bout of bad choices it’s no surprise many of us lose ourself or find ourself conforming to society. Luckily there is a way to prevent haveing to play “where is Waldo” with your identity. Listed below are 5 tips that will help you stay true to who you are.


  1. Reflect: We are bound to make mistakes, it’s inevitable.Once a mistake is made it’s made, there is no changing it. What we can do is reflect on what we may have done wrong, what we can do better, and how we can improve. Reflection will keep us from getting ballsy enough to justify mistakes that could have been avoided.
  2. Kill em with kindness: If you’re normally a kind person who avoids conflict, DO NOT engage with anger. You must approach your attacker like you would a prowling lion; to successfully kill (AkA shut up) the prowling lion you need to use a weapon your familiar with, kindness! Kindness can rile people up, soothe them down and/or make them realize that in that moment they were just being a turd. It also saves you the trouble of becoming a person you’re not.
  3. Don’t give all of you: Some of us just want to help people, especially friends who are going through things. Helping people is an amazingly noble thing to do, but it’s important that you aren’t giving so much of yourself that you barely have time to help yourself. Especially if the person you’re attempting to help is not openly/willingly accepting the hand you’ve extended to them. The fastest way to lose the person you are is to give all of you away. The saddest truth of all is that the people you helped may not even give you a second glance when you could use some help yourself.
  4. Let it go: The past is in the past and behind with it should be any negative relationships you have acquired. Holding on to people who have changed for the worst, or to people you realized are the worst isn’t healthy and can cause you to mistakenly lose yourself. It’s time that you let them go and meet people who make you happy.
  5. #Teencult: Take to your journal  or maybe even  social  media and write 3 word and/or traits that you feel define you .If you ever find yourself wondering who you are, you can go back and read about the traits that have molded you into who you are. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to talk to someone feel free contact Teen Culture; we are here for you.


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