Habits – Fashion // By Jenica Ilagan


I believe our style introduces us before we even speak. I believe it is important to be yourself while feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear. In fashion, you can express yourself, introduce your style and the different varieties that fashion can have.

In this issue, the theme is “Habits” which can certainly be a part of fashion. This means building up your confidence, removing negative energy, and just being yourself.

Fashion is passion and a hobby to many people, and we all see it in different views, therefore having different opinions. Respecting other people’s taste and style is an important factor in the lifestyle of fashion.

So in this theme “Habits” which is about letting go of the negativity and just finding your comfort whilst feeling good. Confidence is a helping hand when it comes to fashion and expressing your style.

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” -Ralph Lauren


@jenicailagan Style OOTD'S


Thanks for reading!

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By Jenica Ilagan xx

Instagram: @jenicailagan


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