Theme of July 2014- Freedom Girl 2.0



Theme Of May 2014- Happily Ever After

Hey Outcast! This months them for May 2014 will be all about truly living happily EVER AFTER. Yes I know you probably have heard of this saying at the end of every Fairy Tale story and even their movies.  Thats why this month were bringing it back , but with a TWIST! This month we want all our besties to go through life knowing that it is possible to live a Happily Ever After life in this Natural World. We have always been taught through society that Living a Happy life forever is only for Fairy Tales, Princess and Princes living in Castles!  Living a Happily ever After life is REAL! and we are able to live our life Happily! without all the Fantasy. throughout the month of May we will talk about being Happy in our lives, always giving you encouragement and most importantly things to really ponder on eternally. As always we will give our Beauty advice, Health tips and Music playlist to keep you going. Some new things you should keep for watch will be out Advice panel! Were super excited! Also we have some great ideas for our fashion post!




Theme Of March-April 2014- Living the High Life



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