School Does not Equal Success And it Does Not Define You


Hi I’m Alex and I’m a 19 year old creative and I’ve recently graduated high school with my associates degree in liberal arts. I’m taking a year break before going to university in hopes of …. Well let’s leave that blank til I figure it out.



When I think of school now the only thing I can think of is the pain that I felt. The anxiety of always wanting to be the best at everything. Or the constant sting in my stomach that told me I wasn’t good enough. You see I’ve learned something after graduating, that I am ME! And that’s freakin awesome! As I write this to you I gain more clarity with myself.

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Letter From The Editors ISSUE No. 7


It’s been a little while since we’ve met with you guys like this. So, maybe, “a little while” is the understatement of the century. We’ve been gone for nearly two years, that’s something that even we are in denial about.Teen Culture has been our pride and joy before it was even “Teen Culture”. As hilarious as this may sound, way back when we were thirteen and the seed of our now magazine was just being sown, we created Forever Amiable.

Forever Amiable was the prequel to what was yet to come.It was the cultivation of all of the negative feelings we had as young girls,molded into a safe haven for those who faced the same demons. We had learned through our friendship that it was better to fight a battle with more than one soldier. Forever amiable was to be the meeting grounds for our army of outcasts, to wage war on the demons we weren’t able to face alone. This was the foundation for which Teen Culture was built on .The push that kept us treading with Teen Culture despite the tribulations we endured during our journey.

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Teen Culture Magazine Relaunch Issue Nov.2015


Hey Outcasts, dividertcplain

we are so excited to be relaunching Teen Culture Magazine. It has been three months in planning for the next three months for you all. This means we will have more content then ever. Do expect a November, December and January issue full length. Their will also be content posted on our blog from our new team members. From all aspects, lifestyle, fashion, music, advice, art, photography and film.  We have been planning out the official Teen Culture Magazine YouTube channel.  We will have video created by outcasters all over the world, telling you their ideas on culture and inspiration. Interviews will be held on our YouTube as well, we will ask youtubers questions for you all to view.

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If you would like to be featured on the blog or in the magazine, then submit to us your story! We want you to inspire us.  Email us your stories, photography, art work, poems, and anything else to :


If you would like to submit a video to us then, upload it to YouTube and then send us a link through our email:


To be featured on our Instagram account, to be noticed, you will need to tag us in the photo and then DM us, Instagram: @teencult

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