Habits Novemebr 2015


These photographs were inspired by an unfortunate habit which I fear many of us don’t even realize we have. It is a habit that prevents us from fully appreciating the world around us, a habit which dulls our surroundings, you could even say it is a habit that stops us seeing the beauty in everyday life. So what is it? It is our tendency to ignore the world around us, to be focused on the past or the present but never be in the now. It means we don’t stop to take in the scenery, we don’t marvel at nature’s wonders or stunning urban landscapes, we do not appreciate the colours and scents around us. It is only recently that I rid myself of this habit when I took up photography. Suddenly everything was a potential photo, and I began to see more and more beauty in the world!

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Caught in thoughts


A lot of people get easily caught up in their thoughts. We forget to live in the moment and enjoy what is now. Even though it can be hard to stop thinking or worrying about all the stuff that has happened or is going to happen. We have to remember that life is also now and that worrying about tomorrow is not gonna stop the trouble of tomorrow. It’s only going to destroy a moment that could’ve been a good moment if we weren’t thinking about all the bad stuff.

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it’s trouble it empties today of its strength”- Corrie Ten Boom

Habits: Accepting Your Flaws



It’s so easy to sit there and pick out all your flaws. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. Make a list of things you love about yourself instead. That’s what I did tonight- I forced myself to sit in front of my mirror and point out things I liked. And quite frankly, tonight, I liked everything. For the first time in a long time, I was able to accept my flaws and focus on the beautiful little features that I have. Whether we like it or not, we were born in a world of flaws. Ironically, we also emphasize the importance of beauty and perfection. Perfection is a just a myth. We are all made up of flaws and that is what makes us beautiful. I decided to share with you a little message that I love.



Open your eyes

You are not made up of the words that hurt you

Or that number on that scale

Or the expectations you feel you will never meet

You are made up of nothing more than you

Simply, wonderfully, beautifully, uniquely you

You are a lovely and complex soul

An individually fascinating combination of thoughts,

ideas, feelings, and emotions

Look past the mirror

Look at your soul

Only then will you see yourself as you truly are


So smile! And don’t forget to

Love Yourself

If I could give you any piece of advice, it would be to try and learn to love yourself. Your body isn’t going anywhere and is a beautiful, unfinished masterpiece that you are working on everyday. Having a pysical feature that is not celebrated by society is not a flaw. It is you. It is me. It is beautiful.



With Love,