Habits Novemebr 2015


These photographs were inspired by an unfortunate habit which I fear many of us don’t even realize we have. It is a habit that prevents us from fully appreciating the world around us, a habit which dulls our surroundings, you could even say it is a habit that stops us seeing the beauty in everyday life. So what is it? It is our tendency to ignore the world around us, to be focused on the past or the present but never be in the now. It means we don’t stop to take in the scenery, we don’t marvel at nature’s wonders or stunning urban landscapes, we do not appreciate the colours and scents around us. It is only recently that I rid myself of this habit when I took up photography. Suddenly everything was a potential photo, and I began to see more and more beauty in the world!

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Songspiration: #1 Dawn & Freedom

Hey Outcast Community,


This weeks post of inspiration will be pretty different from what you all are used to. This is a new series called “Songspiration” for a while now, more like over the years I have always been a person to listen to music and become some how, instantly inspired in some way. I had been really stressed about school mid-terms that I had completely lost it. Their was one weekend that was the perfect day for me to chill, study, read and ultimately listen to the most relaxing music I have on my phone playlist or even my sound cloud account. I found the perfect song/track called “Dawn” part 2 which is an Ambient Mix (One hour long). I will have the link before we get started into this post. As I listened to the sound I started to think about Teen Culture and how it has grown over the year and how 2014 was a good year. I thought out all the amazing people in my life and I thought about a conversation I had with Brittany our beauty director about how this year for TC will be amazing. Overall I was really happy! Which made me feel so free and I was not overwhelming about school finials so much. I can say, I was really relaxed!!



During 2015 promise yourself one thing, if you could keep this one promise for yourself and you will carry it with you where ever you are. Through whatever situation it might be, promise yourself to be free from everything. Freedom is a very powerful thing in my option and its a way of living, a way of life. Don’t make things to difficult for yourself for no reason, make life a challenge and live everyday as a wonderful surprise. Why not? This year go for your dreams and try to accomplish something you always dreamed of. They call us the next generation but yet we haven’t proven them wrong about who we truly are. We are not just a statistic, we are worth more then how people treat us. We deserve to have more in our life and we deserve the right to yell out loud saying why things are not the same. Lets make a difference this year, lets strive for a new acceptance. Changing can possibly be a good and great thing, and it could also be a frightening thing. Changing for the better is always a great way to kick off the year. Living a free life is something only hoped for , not something we try to run away from.


large              freedom-sky-summer-favim-com-531651            freedom_tumblr



Love you all as always and change a life today or change yours for the better 🙂

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