What Do You Find Beautiful?

Every now and then I seem to ask myself a question. A question that I can’t seem to grasp the correct answer for. Have you ever found yourself on your mobile device looking at pictures of instagram models? And have you ever asked yourself , What Do I Find beautiful? Recently I came across this very inspirational video created by BuzzFeed on their YouTube channel. If your advocate with watching their videos Like I  am, then you know that they post content based on social experiments and other surveys. This video I came across was called Beauty Standards around the world. I was very shocked and very sad, shocked not because I’ve never heard of these things before, but shocked at how true they were in our society today.


Don’t get me wrong I love makeup and I know that you all know that about Teen Culture Mag. We adore the creativity that makeup gives us. In the video it shows a percentage of women who say that they would cancel a first date if they do not have makeup on. This is truly sad! I wonder why this image was implanted in our minds. Personally I have certain days where I do not wear makeup what so ever. Both to give my skin a break and to just be natural. Also partly because I’m very lazy during the school week. 🙂 Anyway why should a women be afraid or not have the courage to wear their natural skin in public? Our society never fails to surprise me with their rules and stereotypes.


I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this message. So if you take any information or food for thought ask yourself what is Beauty to you? I hope you understand that you can be your own person and wear what you what to wear. BE YOU! Don’t be afraid to show your true colors.  Look up the song! 🙂

As always we love you here at Teen Culture and we accept who you are no matter what. Kisses






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