Habits Novemebr 2015


These photographs were inspired by an unfortunate habit which I fear many of us don’t even realize we have. It is a habit that prevents us from fully appreciating the world around us, a habit which dulls our surroundings, you could even say it is a habit that stops us seeing the beauty in everyday life. So what is it? It is our tendency to ignore the world around us, to be focused on the past or the present but never be in the now. It means we don’t stop to take in the scenery, we don’t marvel at nature’s wonders or stunning urban landscapes, we do not appreciate the colours and scents around us. It is only recently that I rid myself of this habit when I took up photography. Suddenly everything was a potential photo, and I began to see more and more beauty in the world!

This issue is about letting go of bad habits and developing new good ones, so now while it is Autumn, one of the most colourful and beautiful seasons in the year, start taking time out of your day to look around you! Imagine you are the photographer now and see what you would photograph. Take some time to focus on the present – look up from your phone, come out of your own thoughts, even just take a glance out the nearest window. Look at the trees changing and the evening skies, or if you live in the city watch as people’s dress changes from bright, colourful clothes to more autumnal tones mimicking the trees natural transitions,and of course the different effect the autumn light has on skyscrapers and sky spaces. Try to do this, and suddenly you will find the world a much more interesting place!

The photos below represent the two different habits – black and white symbolizes ignoring the surrounding scenery, while the vivid colour images are how things look when you take time to appreciate them. So, lets all be the people who see our world for its true, beautiful colours and lose our monochrome attitudes!

 aine 3                           aine 2

aine 13aine 14

aine 17                                  aine 20

aine 22        aine 21

aine 23aine 24

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